I’m stuck!

No…it’s not a cushion, it’s a kitty!


Kitty is in booyahchamp’s sofa.


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You are getting very sleepy…

What to do with three hypnotized kitties? Snuggle!!

Bengali kittens from Cazpurr.

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Wobble Wobble Wobble

Small head, small feet, small wings, huuuuuuuuge tummy = desire to snuggle.

Is it fuzzy or fluffy?

Image from Emperor-Penguin.com

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What happens when you put a bunny downwind from a Giraffe?


I wonder why this little bunny is in such a hurry to get away from Mister Giraffe?

Picture from flickr user Lyn X. Madrin.

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Big Bunny tackles Puppy

Puppy Tackled

I feel for the puppy

Picture from Giant Rabbit Rescue.

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He’s really a PushMePullYou

His other half is just out of the frame.

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