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Japanese RoboGoat


That’s right. It’s a fuzzy Japanese RoboGoat, who munches on losing lottery tickets. I think these should replace paper shredders personally…

Thanks to Pink Tentacle, an amazing blog, for the picture and story.


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Baby Panda!

What’s this about Panda Express? I’d rather go back to sleep…


Picture a la this site.

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I have dominated the rock!

No really! I’m just making it look like I’m about to fall to lure you into a false sense of security.


Picture from these folks’ 2006 alpine adventure.

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“I can see my brother from up here!”

I wonder what they’re hoping to do…


Photograph by Rachel Sobol

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To be (fuzzy) or not to be…

Shakespeare’s got nothing on this guy…

Shakespeare Ferret

Thanks to these folks for the picture. It’s actually a pretty nifty site.

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Gathering for winter

It’s a Pika!

It can fetch! It can carry! It can gather a stockpile for winter! It’s a Pika (I didn’t know what they were originally, but I can’t help but think of pikachu).

Picture a la Company of Adventurers

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You are getting very sleepy…

What to do with three hypnotized kitties? Snuggle!!

Bengali kittens from Cazpurr.

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