Japanese RoboGoat


That’s right. It’s a fuzzy Japanese RoboGoat, who munches on losing lottery tickets. I think these should replace paper shredders personally…

Thanks to Pink Tentacle, an amazing blog, for the picture and story.


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Baby Panda!

What’s this about Panda Express? I’d rather go back to sleep…


Picture a la this site.

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Identity crisis kitty

Ack, where am I, what am I, and what’s with these silly ears? I blame this on you!


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I have dominated the rock!

No really! I’m just making it look like I’m about to fall to lure you into a false sense of security.


Picture from these folks’ 2006 alpine adventure.

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Exposing the Secret Lives of Penguins

Rodney is my favorite penguin. He wears a nifty little crittercam on his back so scientists can see what he and his penguin friends are up to. Go Rodney. Read more about him here.

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It’s the puppy fairy!

His eyes are screaming “save me”… I wonder why…


Picture from here .

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Trick or Treat

The penguins at the Tennessee Aquarium get into the Halloween spirit.

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